Braxton Group Holding

Braxton Group is a holding company, which operates multiple business through subsidiary companies. The collective group of companies uses “Braxton” as its marketing identity

Braxton Group comprises firms of accountants, management consultants, lawyers, family office advisers, outsourcing specialists and other professional advisers serving entrepreneurial people and organizations worldwide.

Description of Business Segments

As a constantly evolving company working across a diverse marketplace, we continually refresh our structure to meet the needs of the business. We regularly move businesses and managers across the divisions to ensure that each operation and contract, as they develop, is matched with the most relevant leadership.

Braxton Group History
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International Team

We speak all major European languages, plus a few others. That’s how we successfully bring vendors and buyers together from all over the world. Constantly evolving and innovating, no one will do more to find international solutions for you. Find out more.




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