Our People

The People of the Braxton Group

People are at the heart of our success. We strive to support the enthusiasm and creativity that each employee brings to Braxton and to channel it in a way that inspires each person to perform to their best.


We wish to attract and retain high calibre individuals who will grow with us over the long term. We ensure that our people think and act like owners in all their decisions. We also maintain an open exchange of information and strategies among all constituencies.

Collaboration with Professionals

We believe business ownership is the ultimate tool for rewarding performance and motivating sales professionals. Local business owners are more likely to satisfy their customers because they have made a significant investment in business ownership

Some of our services are usually distributed more efficiently by local owners than by employees of large corporations. However, in order for local associates to compete with large corporations, they must have competitvely priced products, operational economies of scale, management depth, marketing staff, branding and some of the other support that a large corporation provides to its employees.

Professionals often encounter complex International issues and  queries. We provide such professionals with the knowledge base they need to deliver a first-rate service to their clients.
We will answer their queries quickly and keep you up-to-date with current International practice. There is no concern over competition –our business relationship is with the adviser, not their clients.

It will enable the professional to provide their clients with an additional service. This service can be provided under your advisers firm’s name or direct by our firm. They will benefit because their client does not look elsewhere for a service they require.

This will help increase their turnover, and retain clients.