Collaborative Contracts

Collaborative Agreements
TheBraxton Group is committed to growth with many paths-  Our robust team can spot a good deal and capitalize on it and our professional partners ensure our high standards are met.

The Braxton Group’s continuous success and growth is partly due to the broad spectrum of contract types. We offer the right kind of contract and the right location to meet every partner or associate’s needs. We have a clear understanding of what investors and developers want and wish – and what the market can offer.

We can provide lease and management agreements – either with or without financial commitment – as well as franchise agreements. We also engage in joint ventures. So whether you want to become a franchisor, a manager or own or lease a Braxton Group center, we have a solution for you.

Our business strategy focuses on management and franchise segment.

Management Agreement

Under our management agreements, we provide management services for third-party hotel proprietors. We derive revenue primarily from base fees determined as a percentage of total hotel revenue and incentive management fees defined as a percentage of the gross operating profit or adjusted gross operating profit of the center operations.
The duration of our management agreements varies, but they are typically long-term, normally between 15 and 20 years.

Franchise Agreement
Under our franchise agreements, we authorise a third-partycenter operator or property owner to operate a hotel under a selected brand in our portfolio. Accordingly, under such agreements, we neither own, lease nor manage the center. We derive revenue from a brand royalty or licensing fee which, under most of our franchise agreements, is based on a percentage of total room revenue generated by a center on a fix fees.
To maintain brand image and value, franchisees are obligated to meet specified brand standards. A franchisee also has access to our reservations system and is provided with marketing support and other know-how for operating the hotel.

The duration of our franchise agreements vary.