Real Estate


Braxton Real Estate

Braxton Real Estate is a rapidly growing property company specialising in areas of development, investment and asset management where it has competitive edge.

Braxton Real Estate specializes in international property services of office, retail, commercial, industrial and apartment properties in some countries of Latinamerica, Asia and Europe. Our mission is to ensure a stress-free property buying, selling or refinancing experience in foreign markets through contacts, continuous innovation and intensive customer focus.

In addition, with other Braxton companies, we offer the following international real estate services:

  • Negotiating and drafting foreign documents for the sale, acquisition, and leasing of raw land as well as office, retail, industrial, and residential property in foreign countries.
  • Assistance with subdivision and parcel map applications, procuring foreign governmental approvals, environmental law compliance, and obtaining use and zoning permits.
  • Ensuring foreign clear title.
  • Negotiating and documenting local or international financing and re-financing, including permanent loans; loan participation and secondary market operations; foreclosures; and loan work-outs.

Braxton Real Estate Investments

We continue to be highly selective in our search for properties with higher yield and potential for active management and/or reversionary uplift.

For many years, high-volume real estate financing transactions combined with innovative investment banking and financial engineering have been the trademark of our international activities. We purposely adopt a decentralised approach, as this is the only way to guarantee short decision paths and proximity to our clients.

We continue to recycle our capital, selling properties where we can see no further opportunity to add value.

Braxton Real Estate will continue to be highly selective in the search for properties with higher yield and the potential for active management and/or reversionary uplift.

Real Estate in China

In China, the confidence of international investors in the real estate market is growing again, with the result that they are trying increasingly to secure a sahre of this potential growth market.

Their interest is concentrated here primarily on the cities of Beijing and Shanghai and the Guangzhou region. Seen overall, the markets of the individual regions are developing at differing rates. The retail market in general is , however, strongly influenced by the establishment of branches of globally operating concerns, a development which has the effect of raising rents. Since it has only been possible for the Chinese to purchase residential accommodation for about 5 years now, the housing market continues to be one of the main driving forces behind the real estate market in China. This is the case not only in the main conurbations but also primarily in the less centrally located regions which were considered in the past to be favourable manufacturing locations.