In 2010, we launched country-specific versions of Westlaw in India and Hong Kong. We also provide versions of Westlaw
for legal professionals in Canada, Chile, China, Ireland, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom and other countries. Legal also
has country-specific online legal research services, some of which are sold under brand names other than Westlaw,
including services in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In
2010, Legal acquired Revista dos Tribunais, a leading provider of legal research services in Brazil, and plans to launch a
new online service this year.
Through Westlaw International, we offer our online products and services to customers in markets where we may not have
an existing publishing presence or have not yet developed a fully customized Westlaw service. As of December 31, 2010,
Westlaw International was used by practitioners in 65 countries.
Westlaw Litigator is a complete workflow solution that assists lawyers with all phases of litigation by combining relevant
legal research materials with practical tools and services for case evaluation, pre-trial investigation, e-discovery, expert
witness selection, settlement negotiation and trial preparation and presentation.
Legal also has a leading collection of assets that support IP lawyers and business professionals across the IP lifecycle, from
ideation and maintenance to protection and commercialization.
Legal also is a leading provider of educational information, textbooks and solutions to law students, librarians and
professors in the United States. West LegalEdcenter offers one of the largest online collections of continuing legal
education (CLE) programs.
In 2010, Legal formed a new Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) business unit following the acquisition of Complinet,
a leading provider of global compliance information solutions for financial services institutions. The new GRC business unit
also includes a number of other Thomson Reuters assets. GRC connects business transactions, strategy and operations to
the ever-changing regulatory environment for firms in highly regulated markets.
In 2010, Legal’s acquisitions also included Serengeti, a provider of electronic billing and matter management software,
and Pangea3, a leading provider of legal process outsourcing services. Both of these acquisitions expand Legal’s position
in the general counsel market, and also complement our existing legal offerings.
The following table provides information about Legal’s major brands.



Major Brands     Type of Product/Service     Target Customers
Carswell     Legal, regulatory and compliance     Lawyers, law students, law librarians and
information-based products and services     other legal professionals
Thomson CompuMark     Trademark research and protection     Trademark attorneys and agents
Derwent World Patents Index     Patent research and analysis     Legal, intellectual property, research &
Thomson Innovation         development and business professionals
Thomson IP Management     Intellectual asset management     Legal and intellectual property
Services         professionals
Elite     Suite of software applications that assist     Lawyers, law firm finance and operations
Elite 3E     with front- and back-office management
ProLaw     functions, including document
management, case management, general
ledger accounting, timekeeping, billing
and records management
FindLaw     Online legal directory, website creation     Lawyers and legal professionals
Hubbard One     and hosting services and law firm
marketing solutions
Hildebrandt Baker Robbins     Strategic, technology, operations and     Lawyers and law firm finance, operations
information consulting advisory services     and business development professionals
Westlaw Litigator     Online research tools, case analysis     Lawyers, paralegals, courts and court
West Case Notebook     software, deposition technology, as well     reporters
West LiveNote     as expert witness and document review
Westlaw CaseLogistix     services to support each stage of the
Westlaw Round Table Group     litigation workflow
Serengeti     Electronic billing and matter     Corporate counsel and law firm
management software     professionals
Pangea3     Legal process outsourcing services     Corporate and law firm legal professionals
CLEAR     Public records products and services     Government, law enforcement, legal and
PeopleMap         corporate investigative professionals
Legal’s primary global competitors are Reed Elsevier (which operates LexisNexis) and Wolters Kluwer. Legal also
competes with other companies that provide legal and regulatory information, as well as practice and matter
management software, client development and other services to support legal professionals.
Tax & Accounting is a leading global provider of technology and information solutions, as well as integrated tax
compliance and accounting software and services, to accounting, tax and corporate finance professionals in accounting
firms, corporations, law firms and government. Tax & Accounting has two global businesses – Workflow & Service
Solutions and Business Compliance & Knowledge Solutions.
Workflow & Service Solutions provides tax compliance, accounting and practice management software solutions to
corporate tax departments and accounting firms around the world.
Business Compliance & Knowledge Solutions provides tax and accounting research and guidance information, online
media and CPA certification services to corporations, accounting firms and law firms around the world.
In 2010, Tax & Accounting began to execute its strategy to expand globally, which included launching the ONESOURCE
global tax workstation. Tax & Accounting’s global expansion strategy also extends to content research and certification,
including plans to offer its flagship product Checkpoint in more countries around the world, and plans to grow several
online products and authoritative information for tax and accounting professionals outside the U.S., with brands such as
Carswell in Canada, Brookers in New Zealand and La Ley in Argentina.

Media Platforms

We have a platform-oriented business model that focuses on providing coverage, content solutions and
services that meet our clients’ needs. This new service provides U.S.-based print and online publishers with broader and
deeper coverage of U.S. news as well as tools and on-demand services designed to increase efficiency, reduce cost and
increase revenues.
Our Consumer Publishing products include the advertising-supported, direct-to-consumer publishing activities of and its global network of websites, mobile services and smartphone applications, online video and electronic
out-of-home displays. These products deliver professional-grade news, opinion and analysis to business professionals.

Over the last few years, we have made significant investments in our technology. Technology-related capital expenditures
in 2010 represented approximately 89% of our total capital expenditures for the year. As the number of professionals
around the world grows, we believe that there will be an increasing demand for our products and services. We are focused
on constantly improving our technology infrastructure to meet this growing demand at an appropriate cost.
In order to provide intelligent information to business and professional customers around the world, we focus on
integrating our proprietary content with technology. In particular, we use technology to maximize the value of our
information. We continuously are improving our algorithms, search capabilities, user interfaces, workflow, collaboration
tools, data and overall product performance in order to increase our customers’ efficiency and effectiveness.
We are continuing to develop our online delivery platforms, taking advantage of the latest technologies. Our platforms
allow us to more easily combine content from our various online services, reduce product delivery costs and reduce
development time for new products and services. For various global products, we use a common database platform that
supports multiple applications. This allows us to deploy products quickly into numerous markets, especially where we
provide country or industry-specific information that is combined with data that is used in other Thomson Reuters