Fam Office


Braxton Family Office

Braxton Family Office co-ordinates with your financial planner or financial advice a full-service private multy family office offering or acts as advisors to newly formed and mature family offices, with the added benefit of being able to draw on our multidisciplinary expertise in international law and legal solutions. We also serve the business and organizational needs of the family office.

Braxton offer:

  • Family office solutions, including and wealth-transfer planning
  • Entity structuring, including private business ventures
  • Family partnerships
  • Charitable planning, including private foundations

International expertise

  • Experience with individuals and families with international structures
  • Our international private clients’ affairs are structured as  efficiently, flexibly and simply as possible
  • Ready access to professional advice and services in jurisdictions across the globe
  • We have forged strong links with other leading advisers and providers of financial services around the world


Cluster Family Office

Braxton Family Office builds close relationships with other professional advisers,to provide cohesive advice, providing support in the planning and structuring of family assets.

In Spain, Braxton Family Office works closely with Cluster Family Office, an international multi-family office who provides advice to high and medium estate level families, offering them solutions related with their assets.

Nevertheless, the Cluster Family Office´s integral service go beyond of the money approach. The firm offers, guides and helps clients to decide about other important issues, like the vital´s goals of families, the type of education they want to give to their children, social and labor relations, leadership within their industry Group, philanthropy or the best way to transfer their legacy in the future, among many other issues vital to a family of high economic level. Cluster maintains a popular blog, Fresh Family Office , which has become an altruistic service in order  to apply to minor estates the family office protocols used in large fortunes, and offers free advice for small assets.

In Cluster Family Office you have a multidisciplinary team of professionals at your disposal. The best specialists in each field.