International Restructuring



International Restructuring with concerns

Braxton Consulting can assist in structuring your expanding domestic business or existing international business, in order to address cross-border, regulatory and other strategic considerations. Issues include the election and formation of subsidiary entities, marketing regulations and restrictions, licensing and registration, international agreements, practical and technical assistance “on the ground”,  (including potential  liability in multiple jurisdictions, and the effect of international law conventions), copyrights, general liability and competition law. Braxton Consulting, together with its strategic alliance partners, can alert your business of the relevant issues, and implement the changes necessary to address these issues.

We advise in the improvement of the business, identifying the factors that debilitate/weaken and generate value, as well as the change opportunities.

We incorporate several factors to the analysis, like professional secrecy and dedication.

Braxton Consulting Methodology


  • Identification of regulatory environment
  • Viability of the business
  • Identification of change opportunities


  • Legal Reports
  • Restructuring management
  • Proposal of performance improvement


  • Corrective control
  • Verification of results
  • Follow up on recommendations
  • Alert of relevant issues

Business Restructuring:

  • Option analysis
  • International agreements
  • Set up branches and subsidiaries
  • Management assistance