Consulting Services

Consulting Services

In a stabilized market, clients continued to expect a high level of content and specialization, delivering tangible benefits. Today’s companies run lean, planning and implementing strategic projects with resources usually dedicated to managing day-to-day activities. Bringing in experienced consultants often can provide the additional expertise, knowledge, and bandwidth to better plan and implement the programs that increase your organization’s competitiveness.

The Consulting Services discipline has benefited from earlier investments in capabilities, notably through specialized training, and in offerings. The different domains within the discipline (transformation consulting, customer relationship management, supply chain, employee transformation) have pushed this specialization further.

While business management consulting remains the mainstay of the discipline, technology management consulting is growing in importance. In the coming year, many clients will once again focus on revenue growth, while still insisting on clear bottom line improvement. Consulting Services will launch new offerings for top line growth and for improved product lifecycle management. New types of shared services, developed in close cooperation with sister disciplines, will help improve client productivity and pave the way for business process outsourcing.

Our management advisory services can augment the client’s team by providing additional resources to tackle companies strategic, operational, and technological questions.

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