Venture in Community FAQ

Venture in Community FAQs

What is Venture in Community?
Venture in Community is a community of interest focused on startup success. We peer review startups, help them solve problems, and decide who should get funding in regular challenges.

How does the Venture in Community process work?
Please see our Venture in Community pages for an overview of the process.

What kind of members does Venture in Community have?
Venture in Community has members from around the globe, including:

•Entrepreneurs and founders of startups
•Service providers to early stage companies
•Angel and venture capital investors
•Technology enthusiasts
•Students and academics

How do I earn points?
Venture in Community members earn points for their activity on the site. You can earn points for:

•Peer reviewing and rating startups
•Rating other members’ contributions
•The ratings of your contributions by others

How do I use points in the finals?
Points can be used to support one or more startup during challenge finals. Points allocated on the winner are returned back to you, plus you receive a pro-rata share of all the points allocated in the finals.

What are points worth?
We do not set a monetary value for points. Venture in Community points are a floating currency, with their value set by our members. Members determine the value of Venture in Community points through their bids in a blind auction for daily items in our store.

What is Reputation?
Reputation is a reflection of your contribution on Venture in Community . A member’s reputation is calculated by how other members rate their contributions.

What is Judgment?
Judgment is a reflection of your ability to nominate, rate and back winning startups in finals.

What is the Final Stars?
The  Five Stars is the Venture in Community  portfolio of startups that have placed in the top 3 in a challenge final.

What about IP?
Venture in Community makes no IP claim over any startup participating in our system. We believe the real value is in execution, not just a concept. We recommend you consult with your legal counsel prior to posting on Venture in Community and take any steps you deem necessary to protect your IP.