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Venture in Community

This is a community of interest focused on startup success. Our members include entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and startup enthusiasts from around the world. Our community peer reviews startups, help them solve problems big and small, and decide who should get funding in regular challenges.

Braxton Capital Venture Capital Unit

Braxton Capital, as a private equity firm, is focused on discovering and developing ideas that will have a profound impact. Braxton Capital often co-founds businesses and co-develops them from initial concept to sustainable business.

We are experienced  investors
We are a small, highly collaborative team, deeply experienced as both venture investors and operators of professional and technology companies. Our investment focus is driven by our years of experience growing similar firms.

We are focused and highly selective
We invest in and work with a limited number of exceptional entrepreneurs. We limit our commitments in the belief that our involvement can increase the probability of success for our portfolio companies and generate greater returns for our investors. Accordingly we choose to limit our capital base. We understand this model well and think that it doesn’t scale easily.

 Collaborative Innovations

The Braxton Capital´s venture capital operation is focused on a single, overarching goal – to fundamentally change the way clients do business by embracing global, interconnected communities of intelligent, imaginative and innovative people. By channeling the raw power of human intelligence and creativity in more efficient ways, our clients seize market opportunities, create business value and drive positive societal change.