International Investments

Braxton Capital International Investments Services

Around the world, capital is always in search of opportunities. The increase in the liberalisation has led to a surge in the entry of foreign companies and local companies have established their presence in global markets We offer a comprehensive range of services both for inbound and outbound investments.

Inbound Investments
• Entity structuring including advise on the choice of entry vehicle such as a branch, subsidiary, joint venture, to name a few
• Capital structuring having regard to applicable policy guidelines and maximising project IRRs
• Inbound investment advisory which would include advising on inbound ownership structures
• Processing regulatory approvals including foreign investment promotions
• Identifying and optimising incentives
• Setting up due diligence procedures
• Setting up operations including handling all implementation aspects
Outbound Investments
• Outbound investment advisory which would include advising on ownership structures
• Review of business plans to converge on the optimum entry vehicle, such as a branch or a subsidiary
• Optimising home country credits
• Processing regulatory approvals
• Identifying and seeking incentives and relaxations from the local regulators

Braxton Capital’s operations are financed principally by a mixture of retained earnings and bank borrowings.

The BraxtonGroup issues financial instruments to finance its lending operations and uses derivative financial instruments to hedge interest rate risk arising from fixed rate lending. In addition, various financial instruments, for example debtors, prepayments and accruals, arise directly from Braxton Group’s operations.

It is Braxton Group’s policy that no trading in financial instruments shall be undertaken.

The principal risks arising from Braxton Group’s financial instruments are credit risk, liquidity risk and interest rate risk. The Board operates through the Asset and Liability Committee to review and agree policies for managing each of these risks.