Braxton Capital
Braxton Capital has a unique skill set – the ability to effectively manage the process of selling your company while maximizing its value. We do this by first fully understanding your situation and objectives, doing a full assessment of the market and identifying potential buyers.

Purchase or sale of international business
Braxton Capital provides you with the tools you need to complete the most complicated of business selling transactions in a less complex manner.

Braxton Capital, together with Braxton Consulting  and International provides advice and international consideration on the purchase or sale of a business, including:

  • Assist in negotiating the terms of the sale to maximize the proceeds
  • Assist in negotiating the terms of the purchase to maximize future deductions
  • Consider if the current structure will provide the highest proceeds on a sale
  • Design an efficient structure to acquire a business
  • Design a plan and oversee implementation to complete pre-sale reorganization to maximize the  proceeds on sale